Portrait of the cavalier dressed in a blue jacket


Gloria Golytsina inherited from the dwarf Agafon not only the cottage in the village of Cherny Log, but also the mysterious gift to see the core of matters, the past and the future.

Her “magical” assistance was sought by Polina Zhemchuzhnaya, a leading actress from the private theater. Gloria foresaw that the woman was in danger. Her premonition proved to be true – soon Polina died during the performance where she played the role of Cleopatra. Not long after that two more actresses from the same theater were found dead.

When Gloria tried to find out what happened, she discovered that the deaths were related to the fate of the count Sheremetev and his serf actress Praskovya Zhemchugova.
Who was disturbed by the shadow of the great count and his beloved one? How the portrait of the cavalier dressed in a blue jacked from Zubov’s gallery influenced the death of women who acted for Zubov in his own theater? Could the object of art dictate its will to its owner? The clue is close, but only those who can merge the past with the future, can find it.