Await the pilgrim on a stormy day


The beginning of the story!

The mysterious antique dealer is killed, and the main treasure of his collection – the smiling Buddha – is missing. The old key which opens no known door is found on the crime’s spot. This is just the beginning of the number of mysterious and terrible events as well as new murders.
Who is guilty of those crimes, and how are they connected to Buddha’s figurine?

Trying to solve the crime, Tina and her friend Siur come across some weird things. For some reason, current events are intertwined with ancient Egypt, medieval knights, and the fate of the opera singer Evlalia Kadmina. The old antique dealer cherished the portrait of Evlalia who was a real femme fatale.
How to stay sane within the nightmare and unravel the secret?
Only those who love and believe can overcome all trials.

Series “Playing with the colors of death”:
Book 1 “Await the pilgrim on the stormy day”
Book 2 “What dream of blood means”
Book 3 “Beware of Serpent Queen’s glance”
Book 4 “All coincidences are not accidental”.

The story of the legend – from worship to crime.