The Star of Babylon


“Artifact&Detective” is the series of books for readers with the fine taste. They are devoted to historical mysteries, “fatal” art objects, and are marked by the brilliant modern plots on the ancient background. The plots are often based on the search of the ancient artifact. Artifacts are objects beyond time. Nobody knows if the passions they cause calm down during the new century.

Ishtar’s Star, the artifact of this novel, is a fine piece of jewelry made of gold and decorated with lazurite, once stolen from Babylon’s ruins. It can fulfill the wishes of its owner, but may destroy the owner if he or she causes the anger of the goddess Ishrar.

The modern plot is developing around the Rakitin family. Nelly Rakitina is worried that her father, Professor Rakitin – was married for the third time to a very young woman (younger than his own children). She contacted Astra Eltsova who performed private investigations and shared her worries with Astra. Her worries were actually well grounded. Within several days Nelly was found dead…

Professor Rakitin’s scientific field was the history of ancient Babylon, and Astra realized that the circumstances of his daughter’s death are similar to Sumerian myth about descend of the goddess Ishtar into the Underworld. Astra found out that Nelly possessed “Ishtar’s Star” – the piece of the golden jewelry stolen from Babylon’s ruins. The Star disappeared after Nelly’s murder. But who has invented and committed such a sophisticated crime? The answer lies on the pages of “The Star of Babylon”.