Siegfried`s Dagger


Weapons of ancient heroes do not exist only in myths and legends, they may be as real as the world around us...

The book begins with the following events: Leda Kupriyanova turns for help to amateur private detective, Astra Eltsova. Help is really required - her fianc? Vlad went on business trip, but did not return.

Astra decides to find out about Leda`s family secrets and discovers that her father was involved in hunting for Siegfried's dagger supposedly belonging in the past to the legendary Scandinavian warrior...

Vlad went hunting in remote woodland of Novgorod region and disappeared there. Famous professor Lianozov related to the Kupriyanovs family had died at the same place ten years ago. He was also obsessed by the search of Siegfried`s dagger.

Can it be true that mythical hero's dagger really exists and Vlad has just fallen for treasure seeking?